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Maaya Foundation

Full Time Fellowship

Maaya foundation offers one year cleft and craniomaxillofacial Fellowship at Bangalore center.
Eligibility: Candidates should have passed MDS in Maxillofacial Surgery.
Those interested can contact at
University based training programs, largely focus on fundamentals of the science of surgery and the management of patients, which of course provides a sound basis for further specializing and refining the art of surgery.
Maaya Foundation is pleased to introduce a unique structured modular training program directed towards specific procedures or concepts. Obviously, no two surgeons have similar training skills or experience and therefore, the amount of live surgery that they would be allowed to perform would depend entirely on the assessment of the chief surgeon Prof Dr. Krishna Shama Rao, MBBS, FRCS(Ed), MDS, FDSRCS( Eng).
The Team
Prof Dr Krishna Shama Rao – Craniofacial Surgeon
Dr Chetana Kumar – Maxillofacial Surgeon
Dr Rolson Sandeep – Maxillofacial Surgeon
Dr Akshai Shetty – Orthodontist
Mrs Rashmi Rao – Speech and Functional therapist
The fundamental module:
1. Concept of Cleft Lip and Palate surgery
2. Concept of in patient care in pediatric adult difficult airway surgery
3. Detailed training in the specified area of interested requested by the trainee
4. Discussions
5. Demonstration of live surgery
6. Discussions of both the science and art of surgery
7. Hands on experience appropriate to ones already existing skills

Module 1
The modules would run continuously for 10 days including week end.
Only 2 surgeons would be accepted per module.
Surgeons have to select specific topic for training
All legal formalities including visa , temporary medical /dental registration in India are mandatory for being registered for the program.
Module 2
The module would run for one month and would encompass all aspects of cleft care
Module 3
This is a full time 3 month comprehensive training programme best suited for surgeons with some prior exposure to clefts
This is a one year full time Fellowship Programme leading to an official fellowship certificate certifying the competency of the trainee in all aspects of cleft care
A special dedicated telemedicine facility is available for the trainees on returning to their own centers to continue to avail the experience and discuss and treatment plan difficult procedures. This would be provided at no extra cost for a period of 6 months, after which a nominal fee would be charged per teleconsultation and treatment planning.

Surgical Modules

1.Primary cleft lip surgery
2.Primary cleft palate surgery
3.Secondary lip and palate surgery
4.Secondary alveolar bone grafting
5.Pharyngeal flap surgery
6.Cleft orthodontics
7.Speech and Functional therapy
8.Cleft rhinoplasty
9.Orthognathic surgery
- Lefort 1 osteotomy
- Mandibular osteotomies
- 2 jaw osteotomies
- Genioplasty
- Malar osteotomies
- Complex osteotomies
10. Distraction osteogenesis
11. Finishing techniques like
-Use of stem cells
-Autologous fat augmentation
-Use of fillers
-Minimal hair transplant in male lip scars
-Scar improvement using lasers
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